Reasons For A New Roof

Does Your Roof Need An Upgrade?

Roof installation or replacement is a significant investment that has a big impact on the appearance, value, and function of your home. Roofing101 specializes in roof replacement and new roof installation in Carlsbad and all of the Greater San Diego Metro.

If you rent out a home, are planning on selling your home, or your roof is more than 20 years old, Roofing101 suggests having your roof inspected to assess any damage and determine if the roof can be repaired or if it’s time for a new roof.

Signs of Damaged Roofing

  • Missing, broken or torn shingles
  • Shingles that have cupped or curled along their edges
  • Heavy growth of mold or moss on major expanses of roofing
  • “Bald” shingles that have lost their granules
  • Roof leaks in multiple places
  • Rotted roof sheathing

Common Reasons for Roof Replacement

Aside from having a leaky roof, there are a number of other reasons why you may need to consider a roof replacement. These are some of the most common reasons homeowners have a new roof installed:

Repairing storm damage. Storms can damage roofing in several ways. High winds sometimes blow roof shingles off or cause tree branches or entire trees to come down on the roof. Rather than make spot repairs following storm damage, it’s often smarter to replace the roof.

Increasing home value. Replacing your roof can increase curb appeal and real estate value. Apart from its aesthetic impact, a new roof offers a great deal of financial security to a prospective home buyer, as new owner won’t have to worry about roof replacement or common roofing problems for 20+ years.

Replacing a worn roof. Asphalt roof shingles typically last anywhere from 15 to 25 years. Unfortunately, factors like storm damage, low slope, ice damming, and mold or moss growth can significantly shorten the life of any asphalt roof.

Completing a major remodel. Major exterior remodeling projects can completely change the look and feel of your home. Rather than have an unattractive mix of new and old roofing, many homeowners elect to have a total re-roof done as part of the project.

Over time, your roof takes a significant beating. Waiting too long to replace your roof or installing a new roof before it’s necessary could end up costing you. Roofing101 can help you determine whether your home is in need of a new roof or if roofing repairs and maintenance are enough. We understand that replacing your roof is a big investment, which is why our experienced roofing professionals will provide you with a high-quality roofing system that will give you peace of mind. From inspection to installation and cleanup, you’ve come to the right place for roofing services in Carlsbad and all of the Greater San Diego Metro that you can trust. To schedule an appointment for a free quote for roof replacement, repair, or installation, contact us today.

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