Our Roof Inspection Process

We Care About The Details

A roof protects your greatest investment - your property. Over time, your roof will eventually suffer from wear and tear, but how will you know when it's time for a repair? Roofing101 provides thorough, accurate roofing inspections to keep your home protected.

Roofing101 is a leader in roofing inspection. When we inspect your roof, you can be sure that all the details will be carefully evaluated.

Our roof inspections check for all of the following:

  • Missing, broken, or torn shingles
  • Worn away shingle granules
  • Cracked or missing caulk
  • Rusted or missing flashing
  • Rotted or torn rubber boots around pipes
  • Wood rot or sagging areas
  • Cracks in the chimney or missing caps
  • Gutters that aren’t securely attached

When our inspection is complete, you can be sure that your roof is structurally sound and will keep your home or commercial property protected. We provide complete inspections and certifications for all types of roofs, and we also provide quality repair work if necessary.

Even if your roof doesn’t have any visible damage, there could still be underlying issues that can cause major problems in the future. Whether you know you need repairs made to your roof or not, an inspection from Roofing101 is always a good idea.

For a careful, accurate roof inspection, call the local experts at Roofing101 today.

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