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An out of state company, with two seriously wind and rain damaged roofs, we received repair estimates, some above $100,000. Not comfortable with where to turn, along drives in Dan Jackson of Roofing 101 Carlsbad, the only Roofing Rep to actually climb a ladder, walk and photograph our injured roofs, and explain in terms we could understand the severity of our damage, the nuances of the roofing business, and the tens of thousand of dollars in savings available when dealing with Insurance Companies who both trust and prefer to work with Dan’s company.

Dan expertly handled the whole job in our behalf. All we had to do was make decisions like shingle life, color, and when to perform the job. Roofing 101 Carlsbad proved to be just what Dan promised they would be: knowledgeable, professional, clean and safe roofers not out to rip off their employer, or their employer’s customers and willing to go the extra mile to fight to get their customers what is due them. We cannot reemphasize enough the reasonable pricing, more than tens of thousands of dollars below their competition we obtained from Dan’s company. If you need roofing, or even think you may, call Dan Jackson at Roofing 101 Carlsbad!

F. C. Louderback CDR. US NAVY Ret.

Amazing service 100/10 for me

Isaac Dessert

Great company and amazing staff!

Brandon Seidel

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